Mother's Day Gift Hunt in your Shopify store

How to get a piece of Mother’s day $27 billion retail spend

First things first. What day is Mother’s day? The bigger portion of the world celebrates it on the second Sunday of May (the United States, Canada, Colombia, Germany and Italy as examples), some on the first (Spain or Portugal) and quite a few more sometime in May so generally speaking, this is the month when you can earn some more profits by creating special offers in your Shopify store. Luckily, shoppers are just as open to this.

The most popular Mother’s Day gift ideas to look out for as a seller in 2020 🎁

In 2020 consumers are ready to spend $8 more, for an average of $205 on Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations. This data comes from the National Retail Federation’s (NFR) annual Mother’s Day survey and gives Shopify store owners just the right notification to tap on the opportunity.

Every Mom is unique, of course, but according to the NFR’s research many of them will receive somewhat similar presents in 2020: categories like electronics, housewares, gardening tools and books saw a significant boost this year as many people are interested in giving these items as gifts. More closely, the total expected spending by some categories:

We also have some general marketing ideas for you, regardless what kind of products you offer, if you’re looking for inspiration on how to sell more this Mother’s Day.

3 ways to capitalize on Mother’s day in 2020 💰

  1. Address the younger consumers👨‍🎤: those under the age of 25 are actually planning on spending $39 more than they did last year. This is because they are most likely the consumers for electronic devices, too which are higher-priced items. Don’t forget to engage them for a good discount hunt with appropriate messages!

  2. Talk to the husbands 👨: consumers aged 35-44 who are likely to celebrate a partner this Mother’s Day, are also planning to spend more. And nearly half of them are men who, respectively, love some games and when they can earn some discounts at the same time (Discount Hunt, wink, wink), you’ll surely get yourself a customer!

  3. Give them a discount 🛍️: consumers can be urged to put an item in their carts if they also get a prize with it, not only Mom. With the Discount Hunt app added to your Shopify store, you can invite them on a fun shopping experience where they can hunt down discounts by finding icons on your site. In the app you can also set which page a session icon should appear on (see below). Why not set it exclusively for your Mother’s Day gift ideas on-sale page for a limited time leading up to this holiday?

    Discount Hunt Display rules for session icon

    Those who hunt down an icon, could not only buy a gift on sale for their Mom but earn a discount themselves which they can use later. And yes, this grants a recurring visitor for your store, too.

The total expected spending will be close to 27 billion dollars this Mother’s Day (NFR). With $27 billion up for grabs, is your Shopify store ready?

Automate the process, make it fun and quick for shoppers with an online treasure hunt! Add the Discount Hunt app to your store, drive more traffic to it, increase the time visitors spend on your site, grow the database of your potential customers and drive more sales.

If you are in a hurry (who isn’t), click here for inspiration and ready-made campaign ideas for your Mother’s Day Discount Hunt session! Happy Mother’s Day!

Take a look at our best practices guide for a successful Discount Hunt campaign and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (

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