3 Mother’s Day campaign ideas for your Shopify store

The total expected spending will be close to 27 billion dollars this Mother’s Day, according to the National Retail Federation (NFR). Consumers now are ready to spend $8 more, for an average of $205 on Mother’s Day gifts and celebrations. This is a great sales opportunity for your Shopify store and armed with the Discount Hunt app, you can jump on it in no time! And you’re in double luck because we collected 3 ready-made campaign ideas for your Mother’s Day campaign, plus 1 bonus tip!

If you’re interested in the key 2020 findings of NFR’s annual survey, along with some tips from us on which specific target audiences to message and how to do it around Mother’s Day, click here.

With the Discount Hunt app added to your Shopify store, you can provide a fun shopping experience to your visitors where they can hunt down discounts by finding icons on your site. Let’s see our tips on creating a Discount Hunt session for Mother’s Day in just a couple of clicks!

3 ready-made campaigns for your Mother’s Day Discount Hunt session

Flowers for the flower 💐

Upload a bouquet or any flower icon for your Discount Hunt session and tell your visitors to find it on your site to get discounts. (If you don’t know where to find icons for free, we have some recommendations at the end of this article.)

Use the following copy for your popup window:

For the subject of your success email you can use something like this: Here is your Flowers for the flower discount code 💐

You can also customize the body of your success email to match the floral, motherly spirit, or you can go with the default copy.

Supermom 🦸‍♀️

Find an icon that resembles a woman superhero for your Discount Hunt session, then tell your visitors that they have to find the Supermom (MegaMother, MarvelMama, or however you want to name her) on your site in order to receive their special Mother’s Day discounts.

Use the following copy for your popup window:

The subject of your success email can go something like this: Here is your Supermom discount code 🦸‍♀️

Depending on your target audience, it might be fun to write the body of your success email in a comics style to match the superpower vibes, but as per usual, you can just use the default copy.

Queen’s crown 👑

Upload a crown icon for your Discount Hunt session and tell the visitors of your Shopify kingdom to go on a quest and don’t leave the kingdom until they find the Queen’s crown. The prize is all too dreamy but real: they can receive Mother’s Day discounts to celebrate their queen at home.

Use the following copy for your popup window:

Your success email’s subject can relate to this theme and actually should, to keep this campaign consistent. You can write, for example: Here is the Queen’s crown discount code 👑

“All hail the Queen”, could be the start of the body text in your success email and you can keep this style throughout the entire email. Of course, if you’re not in the mood for that, the default copy will do the job, too.

+1 bonus tip: Find a free icon

If you don’t have any icons on hand or a graphic designer to help you out, there are many platforms where you can download icons or icon sets to match your Discount Hunt session for Mother’s Day. Try Iconfinder, Flaticon, Icons8 or FreeIcons to start with! Once you find the best one, just upload it when setting up a new session in Discount Hunt (see below) and let the shopping party begin!

Upload a custom icon to your Discount Hunt session

Take a look at our best practices guide for a successful Discount Hunt campaign and don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions (hello@discounthuntapp.com).

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