Halloween treasure hunt in your Shopify store

While everyone is sending out EDMs about special offers and Halloween themed products, with the help of Discount Hunt, you can use a different approach to drive more traffic to your website and boost your sales.

You can find 3 examples below on how to use Discount Hunt during the Halloween season.

The Happy Pumpkin 🎃

Choose the pumpkin icon for your Discount Hunt session and tell your visitors to find the pumpkins to get discounts.

Use the following copy for your popup window:

For the subject of your success email you can use something like this: Here is your discount code from the Happy Halloween Pumpkin 🎃

You can also customize the body of your success email to match the Halloween spirit, or you can go with the default copy.

Zombie attack 🧟

Ask your visitors to protect your site from the attack of the walking dead. For this Discount Hunt, choose the zombie head icon and use the following text in your popup window:

Haunted store 👻

You probably heard about haunted houses, how about haunted stores? They are not haunted because no one visits them, but because the store is visited by ghosts on a regular basis. Although you don't have to be afraid of these ghosts, they are the friendly ones and give you discount codes when you meet them.

For this Discount Hunt session you can use the ghost icon and the following copy for your popup window:

Make sure that you also check out our best practices guide to get the most out of your Discount Hunt session.

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